Audio Art Cable SC-5 Speaker Cables

If the notion of a reviewer calling a four thousand dollar pair of speaker cables “reasonable” seems unreasonable to both you and your accountant (i.e. significant other), I’ve got your sanity right here in the form of Audio Art’s SC-5 speaker cables. Now, for the price of a couple of sloppily self-terminated runs of Home Depot’s finest lamp cord, you can own a superbly constructed pair of refreshingly flexible cables from Audio Art which, in my system, come as close to sounding like no cable as I’ve heard for under a grand. Moreover, Audio Art’s heady blend of cleverly balanced sonics, 30-day no-questions-asked return policy, outrageously sane pricing, and a cheery decidedly much-friendlier-than-Dick-Cheney CEO (Rob Fritz), makes for my very highest recommendation in the increasingly rarified category of non-psychotically priced speaker cables. So much so that this reviewer’s bucks stop here—I bought them. And for once, I’m proud to say I paid full retail and can still afford my regular lunches at Baja Fresh. Excellent salsa!

David Abramson

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Audio Art Cable offers some of the finest hi-fidelity cable products on the market today. Our brand is widely known by audiophiles around the world for consistently providing superb performance and exceptional value. Our philosophy is simple: We combine the finest quality materials and parts available with innovative cable designs. We are a small, family owned and operated Company utilizing a direct sales business model with minimal expenses, & no distributor or dealer mark-up factored in. With Audio Art Cable brand products, you can have it all at an unbelievable price.