Yup, Dave Clark, editor of open-source internet publication Positive Feedback Online, mentions yours truly in his recent "Audio Ramblings" column. Go check out the article for all the goods and more about this whole iPod/high-end convergence thing. I should probably mention that this didn't come out of the blue because, you know, I had dinner with Dave a few weeks back, but hey, what can you do.
I should say a word about the Audio Art cables he mentions in his column. He says I was at his house when he was demoing them but that's only half the story. What he did was hook up his statement $2500 Audio Magic cables and the $79 Audio Art to a phono stage with two outputs and then quickly switch between sources on the preamp saying: "hear a difference? What about now? What about now? Can you hear it now?" Dave didn't tell me or the other audiophile there what he was doing and it never occurred to us the phono stage had two outputs, he just let us stew in our confusion as we strained to hear a difference. I would say "well, it's, um..." and then try to say something profound but, really, it was just too similar.
Needless to say, we were shocked when he brought out the Audio Art cables. Usual caveats apply, of course: Dave's system, room, my infantile ears, etc. so who knows what would happen elsewhere because Audio Magic makes some killer wire of their own. A number of different reviewers have their greedy little hands on the Audio Art cables at the moment, so expect a slew of reviews coming down the pipe shortly. According to the web site, the cables are designed by the scientists at DH Labs (SilverSonic) whose cables are known as giant killers at their price point (and slightly more expensive than the Audio Art goodies) so, chances are, similar results would be had with the SilverSonic line. In any case, pretty cool stuff.

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