Then there are people like Josh Ray of SonicFlare, who are taking this on by going after the iPod generation. His site is all about getting the word out to people his age (early 20s) that it does not have to be expensive, it does not have to be about older white guys sitting around by themselves listening to audio-drivel, it does not have to be complex, and that it does not have to exclude your interests—your wants and needs! His site is linked to the sites that the younger people (like we used to be) flock to for music and information—music sites, iPod sites, gadget sites, etc.
Then there are the people at Audio Art. This is a new cable company (yeah another one of those…) offering cables based on the designs of those from DH Labs Silver-Sonic. They are nice and attractive visually, easy to handle and not the least bit tweaky, offer excellent sonics, and are very, very reasonably priced. Moreover, the ad campaign features cool visuals that are artistic and fresh. In comparing them to the $2500 a meter Audio Magic Clairvoyants (actually Josh Ray was here at the time, so it all comes around…), any differences were more an issue of resolution, dimensionality, and refinement than anything else was. That is the two cables sounded harmonically very much alike. At the price of $79 for the IC-3, this cable is a real giant killer. Rich and tonally right, we were stunned as to how difficult it was to tell which cable was which in switching back and forth between the two. (We listened to the cable via the Artemis PL-1 phono stage—it has two outputs, so all I had to do is change the input selector on the preamp to compare the two cables. More on this later.).
My son has the DLO docking station—acts as a remote controlled preamplifier for an iPod while it charges, and has a stereo pair of RCAs outs for connection to a separate system—and with the IC-3s in the loop as opposed to the supplied generic Beldon-based interconnects, he found that his music came across with more emotion and presence. Not my taste in music, but he heard and appreciated the differences! Ah… a budding audiophile he is!
Audio Art also offers the IC-1, which is an all copper cable—the IC-3 is silver over copper—for $39. This is even a better value than the IC-3, though it offers less resolution and presence than the IC-3—silver versus copper sort of thing. The IC-1 is more forgiving and has that solid copper presentation—a richer fuller sound. Either is a good bet, just a different slice of the sonic pie.

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