The Audio Art Cable Story

In my 40 years as a high end audio hobbyist, I have always enjoyed strategically assembling cost effective hi-fi systems. Systems that offer overachieving performance, considered exceptional bang for the buck. In some cases, these can prove to be startlingly good systems, offering say 90% of the performance for for 30-50% of the price of other hi-end systems.

After a number of years working in the electronics industry, everything from selling audio gear in a Big Box Store to working for a custom install contractor, doing high level projects in exclusive San Diego neighborhoods, I became interested in starting my own business. Wanting to continue to pursue my passion, my business concept became producing a line of premium quality, yet budget conscious high performance audio cables. The fundamental business model was this -- offer a product at a price that anyone looking for a high fidelity audio cable could happily afford, and offer reference quality audiophile performance characteristics.

One thing I knew for sure. In searching for that elusive Audio Nirvana, I had experienced countless cable brands and models over the years. Everything from high-performance to plain old high priced. And along the way, a handful of budget models that offered a glimpse of the very best a cable could offer. My experience had convinced me that you really didn't need to spend $1,500 on a pair of speaker cables, or $1,000 on a 1.0m interconnect pair to maximize the performance of your system!

A personal favorite in the industry, performance vs. price wise, had always been the DH Labs line-up of products, so I decided to consult DH himself, Darren Hovsepian, and get his counsel on my business idea. After a number of in depth conversations on cable philosophy, and potential architectural choices, I decided to contract DH Labs as a consultant to help design my products.

After laying the groundwork for the designs, we discussed a certain offshore supplier who offered quality products with exceptionally good performance characteristics for high end audio application. They also produced cable product for a number of well known high end audio companies. As it turned out, they were agreeable to smaller, custom orders, which would give us some latitude in our designs. All this, and their pricing was great! In the framework of a direct sales business model, we would be able to keep retail pricing where it needed to be for my audiophile grade cables at budget prices concept. Deciding to go with 3 models initially to introduce the brand, we had the design team at DH create architectures, and the factory produced samples.

After listening to the initial samples myself, and getting them into the hands of a few experienced beta testers, I knew everything was headed in the right direction.

In the early stages, the $120 IC-3 interconnect was compared positively to a favorite interconnect of one of our beta-testers, a $650/m cable! Adding credibility, this person happened to be a former manufacturers rep for a well known high-end cable line, and a life-long audiophile. And when one of my first paying customers happily and permanently replaced an $800 interconnect for an IC-3 pair, I knew we had something. The product and concept were being embraced.

Audio Art Cable was formed, and opened its doors via the World Wide Web in March 2005.

My intentions to set up the business as a direct sales model were essentially three fold. One, by selling direct, retail pricing would be kept at the level I originally envisioned by eliminating dealer markup. Two, I would get to stay in touch with fellow hobbyists, offering a product that truly bridges the gap between high end performance and real world prices. And, three, by selling more units at a lower price and profit margin, rather than fewer units for a higher price and profit we can be of service to a larger segment of the high end audio community.

As part of our continued growth, Audio Art Cable has added a new Signature Edition Series of cables to our line-up. Hot-rodded versions of our Classic Series models, the IC-3SE interconnect, the SC-5SE speaker cable, and the power 1SE push the envelope of possibility, successfully competing with cost no object designs at an Audio Art Cable price.

If we can be of assistance to you with questions, please feel free to contact me directly, anytime.

It will be a pleasure to assist you.

Good Listening,

Rob Fritz
Audio Enthusiast / Business Owner
Audio Art Cable
4665 Altadena Avenue
San Diego, CA 92115

All Audio Art Cable products come with a 100%, 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a 2-year parts and labor warranty covering any and all manufacturing defects.

**Please burn-in all cables for 150-170 hours before making your final analysis. **

Audio Art Cable offers some of the finest hi-fidelity cable products on the market today. Our brand is widely known by audiophiles around the world for consistently providing superb performance and exceptional value. Our philosophy is simple: We combine the finest quality materials and parts available with innovative cable designs. We are a small, family owned and operated Company utilizing a direct sales business model with minimal expenses, & no distributor or dealer mark-up factored in. With Audio Art Cable brand products, you can have it all at an unbelievable price.